I flussi migratori del 2015: numeri e caratteristiche

I flussi migratori del 2015: numeri e caratteristiche


Le analisi integrate dei flussi migratori nel 2015 rivelano la costante evoluzione del fenomeno delle migrazioni forzate all’interno delle quali assume un ruolo quanto mai rilevante la posizione dei rifugiati.

Secondo la definizione fornita dalla Convenzione di Ginevra del 1951 che ne identificò lo status, il rifugiato è colui che si trovi al di fuori dello stato di cui possiede la cittadinanza o, se apolide, la residenza, e che non possa o non voglia farvi ritorno a causa del “giustificato timore d’essere perseguitato per la sua razza, la sua religione, la sua cittadinanza, la sua appartenenza a un determinato gruppo sociale o le sue opinioni politiche”.

Secondo le stime pubblicate da Idos nel Dossier statistico immigrazione 2015, per la prima volta nel 2014 il numero mondiale di migranti forzati ha raggiunto i 60 milioni (59.965.888) di cui due terzi costituiti da sfollati interni (38 milioni) e il restante terzo da richiedenti asilo e rifugiati (rispettivamente 1,8 e 20 milioni).

L’Unhcr (in Global Trends Report 2014) rileva come tra i rifugiati, ad eccezione dei palestinesi (5.094.886 rifugiati registrati sotto il mandato Unrwa e 100mila tra rifugiati e richiedenti asilo sotto il mandato dell’Unhcr), la Siria è salita al primo posto come paese di provenienza (con 3,9 milioni, da aggiungere ai 7,6 milioni di sfollati interni), superando Afghanistan (2,6 milioni) e Somalia (1,1 milioni). In costante aumento è anche il numero di rifugiati con un’età inferiore ai 18 anni (oggi il 51% del totale rispetto al 41% del 2009, la più alta percentuale in più di 10 anni) a conferma di un fenomeno riguardante ormai interi nuclei familiari.

Come evidenziato da Idos nel sopracitato Dossier, nonostante tra il 2013 e il 2014 con 3,9 milioni tra rifugiati, richiedenti asilo e apolidi, l’aumento del numero dei nuovi arrivati in Europa sia stato il più consistente a livello globale (+ 46,4%), ciò rappresenta tuttavia solo il 6,5% dell’intero fenomeno che vede tra i paesi ospitanti più impegnati la Turchia (con 1,6 milioni), il Pakistan (1,5 milioni) e il Libano (1,2 milioni); ciò conferma il dato del Global Trends Report 2014 dell’Unhcr sulla maggiore presenza di rifugiati nelle aree dei paesi in via di sviluppo che ospitano 12,4 milioni di persone (pari all’86% del totale), e con altri 3,6 milioni localizzati nelle aree dei paesi meno sviluppati.

Il trend europeo sembrerebbe confermato anche dalle rilevazioni dell’Oim per i mesi da gennaio a metà settembre 2015, con un numero di arrivi che ha superato i 460mila individui di cui 340mila in Grecia e 120mila in Italia, in aumento rispetto all’anno precedente quando erano stati 219mila. In tale contesto non può essere dimenticato il dato delle oltre 3500 persone che, nel solo 2014, a causa delle condizioni nelle quali hanno affrontato il viaggio verso l’Europa, non sono sopravvissute all’attraversamento del Mediterraneo o risultano ancora disperse.

Dati Eurostat riportano che tra gli stati europei di accoglienza il primo posto spetta alla Germania con 202.815 seguita dalla Svezia (81.325) e dall’Italia (64.625) che precede la Francia (64.310) e l’ Ungheria (42.775). I dati statistici del Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati segnalano la presenza nel 2013 di 78mila rifugiati, con un numero di domande d’asilo presentate nel 2014 pari a 64.886 (rispetto alle 26.620 del 2013) di cui 36.330 esaminate (con 21.861, pari al 60%, con esito positivo di cui 3.649, pari al 10%, con il conferimento dello status di rifugiato).

Le nazionalità più rappresentate risultano essere la Nigeria con 10.138 domande (15,6% del totale), il Mali con 9.771 domande (15%), il Gambia con 8.556 domande (13%) e a seguire Pakistan (11%) e Senegal (7%).

Secondo il Dossier Statistico Immigrazione 2015 il trend sembra confermato anche nel primo semestre 2015 con 30.535 richieste. Il tasso di esiti positivi è superiore alla media Ue (58,5% contro 44,7%), sebbene la decisione delle competenti Commissioni Territoriali richieda tempi particolarmente lunghi (circa 7 mesi come riferito dal presidente della Commissione Nazionale per il diritto d’asilo in un’audizione del giugno 2015 al Comitato parlamentare Schengen) anche se l’aumento del numero di Commissioni voluto dal Ministero dell’Interno dovrebbe consentire una riduzione dell’attesa.

I ricorsi, per effetto del forte aumento di richieste d’asilo dal 2013, attraversano una fase di stallo con 55 ricorsi portati a termine nel 2014 rispetto alla media di 1.500 all’anno fino al 2012.

Problem Solving Paper-Writing Measures

Problem Solving Paper-Writing Measures

The body is a mystery; it retains strength when you could get because it is as near the Self that no a part of a person does. Lopate appears to appreciate this, and experience it firmly, since he adopts such a detailed clarification of your body that it looks like he is trying to find herself. Using the phrase Symbol in Lopate’s title is appropriate for his piece, since it doesn’t matter how one may try to reveal themselves as someone else might, there will always be a taint from your individual undertaking the describing, like there is always presentation each time a decorated makes a face of somebody. It integrates nicely with truth, because truth is model, also. The whole portion starts together with the pronoun “I”, which noticed in several works, it exciting since we instantly come in to an exposition of the Home because the writer considers it. It is indifferent, although equally negative and positive. It truly is fascinating to see a personal essay told from the firstperson point of view, since with apathy, the audience wants opinion right from the start. “I am a person who tilts. ” Since it is weird, but probably correct, one of those observations we see every-day but-don’t think about it’s not a thing you anticipate to hear out-of everyone.

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https://grademiners.com/ It all boils down to pointofview, and since we are all self centered creatures we generally assume within the “I”. This isn’t since we aren’t concerned with the viewpoint of others, but because all we recognize is what we have been advised by others as being correct for them. It’s also unusual to know a person ponder the damaging areas of their persona matter-of-factly; these specific things will be said by many people in self deprecating methods. While Lopate claims, “… I do not like myself in any respect, but from pleasure that is persistent I become a guy would you,” it is extremely detached, as though he isnot possibly talking about herself. He admits to vanity, but doesn’t get hung-up on it. It’s very Taoist in its attitude of’it merely is.’ Lopate also discusses how it changes not quicker than the human body does and the mental picture of your body. “Mine was to get a lengthy while imprisoned in my own early twenties when I was high and slender (165 lbs) and gobbles down whichever I felt like.

(1994) human sexuality: a primer: ibadan, ambassador journals.

I consumed food which was cheap and answering, cheeseburgers, lasagna, of wearing fat without the thought.” It is a record everyone where you realize your metabolism isn’t maintaining with you could recognize with, particularly when you accomplish this. In the long run, Your Body can become the Self for Lopate, as he moves into emotions about how precisely his physique is received, and just how it makes him feel. ” “Cute” is usually a concept put on me by these I’ve not been unfortunate enough to attract. However,, I entice only girls of a lopsided prettiness that is particular: the head-turning, I am never fallen for by girls that are qualified.” He begins what he calls a rumor column about his physique, just as you think Lopate will hold on to his outsideris viewpoint. He proceeds to bash at himself, but nonetheless remains unemotional in regards to the subject-area, which only becomes peculiar if you feel,’Wait, he’s speaking about their own body!’ If there could be anywhere near this much dialogue of genitalia if a girl had written this bit I ponder in studying a half and the whole site about the penis. To not be sexist, but I actually donot feel a woman identifies herself by her areas of the body as much as Lopate appears to, up to most men seem to, really. It is not uninteresting that of all the themes touches on while discussing his body, that’s wherever one of the most time is spent by him. ” This part of me, that will be consequently synecdochially identified together with the make body…has provided me equally a lot of, and inadequate, details about what this means to be a male.” Though I am aware this assertion, I find it complicated likewise, since I-donot know the way he indicates it.

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To be able to publish an individual article like Lopateis could somebody be absolutely removed from the Self’s facts, then? Though this is a matter of impression, I think a guess can be wagered by me. No, ofcourse not. That would be like attempting to inform a bass, like you don’t live marine, write. About living underwater as if you did not, or somewhat, write. Is Lopate’s outline of his own physique to be obtained as truth? Is his rendering accurate? Possibly, but it doesn’t matter while in the long run, because how he explains it’s just how he sees it. Moreover, all of the time speaking about versions self within our community is looked at as egotism, or self absorption.

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Is the personalized essay, then, the greatest strategy to damage versions own back? He is being goal while Lopate talks about himself, nevertheless it remains a person who is discussing himself, in the end. He picks every nuance although what seems to produce him himself, but comes to the identical finish, he is what he’s apart.

Illustration Essay Topic Ideas

Illustration Essay Topic Ideas

Discover ways to develop headers and footers which will appear on every site in a document. This informative article will give you MLA manuscript format instances beneficial to individuals writing research papers. Develop a Header The header will appear on every site in your document. Do not confuse the header with all the heading, that ought to simply search on the first site. The header is just designed as being a guide place, never as a supply of comprehensive publisher information. In case you are publishing a research paper for an school, MLA format requires that you just contain the site quantity for your file and also merely your lastname. This information must search in the right place 1/2 inch, of the site in the top. Applying Word, you can set up the document where you need it on every page.First, to immediately place the correct information, you have to open your record.

Worth for brochure publishing depends who is doing the printing and on abstraction.

The file doesn’t need to be concluded as a way to produce the header. Minute, click “Put” at the top of the page. Find the “Header” button and press. A drop-down selection will appear for making formatted headers, listing several alternatives. This program might be beneficial in case you are creating an application, a memo, or several other report. Nevertheless, if you’re creating a research-paper for the British course, the one that is ordinary must be chosen by you. MLA format does not allow for decoration. After you have selected the ordinary structure header, a-line and the remaining portion of the page will split the header, and a little package can look with all the terms “Kind Text” in brackets. Press those phrases.

The organization or service provider should not be distracted from by your interpretation.

Today you’ll have in which to sort your info, a fairly blue box. However, the pack is not aimed about the right margin where it requires to become. To put it appropriately, press “Home” in the very top of the screen to come back for the authentic Word toolbox. Currently, it is possible to arrange right by pressing the package that is appropriate while in the toolbar’s “Section” section. Since your text box is within the correct devote your header, it is possible to sort one place and your last name. There is you should not incorporate a dash, comma, or some other punctuation here. you want to set Concept to immediately fit the right number on each page, although next, you should place the page quantity. In case you simply enter the number “1”, Word can place a “1” on every site.

Present your brochure a name that is descriptive.produce copies of one’s pamphlet as needed.

To avoid this problem that is slight, press ” Header & Footer Tools” at the page’s very top. Within this toolbar, you’ll locate a “Site Range” key. Click this option to acquire the dropdown menu. Pick “Current Position” to put the site quantity right after your title while in the header. Another dropdown selection can look, and you will choose ” range that is Simple.” Whilst the other options are pleasant for resumes and other files, for a research-paper that is formatted, complex decoration must be avoided by you and stay glued to the easy, ordinary data. Today you have the right data, but font and the size may possibly incorrect for MLA. Highlight your last name and also the number in the header. Click “Property” at the page’s top again to come back for the original Word resource.

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Modify the font to 12 to ” Times New Roman” or “Arial” along with the dimension to match the font of the rest of the paper.Congratulations! Now you’ve a header that is correct MLA and can avoid dropping items for small arrangement mistakes! Best of luck! Produce a Footer You may want to create a footer for many files. This process is pretty straightforward and certainly will put in a skilled appearance start your doc. The document doesn’t must be comprehensive. Next “Insert.” This time around, click “Footer” instead of ” Header.” Search down menu through the drop and pick your file is appropriated for by the footer.

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Note that color is included by some options, therefore pick according to your publishing functions. Since this section isn’t required (or acknowledged) for an MLA report, you may incorporate whichever info you’d like to look on every site of the document. To incorporate page number, press “Page Quantity” in the toolbar and scroll through the menu to decide on your structure that is ideal. Ideas & Alerts When your project is total, check your font sizes and alignment. For structure, all-text should use Occasions Roman or and dimension 12. Margins must be 1″ or 1.25″, nevertheless the header should be within the top perimeter at 1/2″ from the top. Since TNR uses a serif leading the eye obviously to another correspondence or concept in published structure, Situations New Roman is reportedly easier around the eyes than Arial.

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Should you be currently writing an investigation paper for English course, and also you must use MLA structure, do not add a footer! Use the header only. Prevent improving margin size, font size, or spacing to create your document search longer than it’s. Many educators and instructors observe these gadgets quickly and acknowledge them as initiatives to fool. They could then become dubious concerning quality or the individuality of the writing. Often produce more to perform what’s needed work for essay writing service or confidence that that which you have claimed is enough, but-don’t make an effort to deceive your reader. These guidelines merely affect Microsoft Office Word 2007. The technique is not dramatically same for versions of Word.

How to Get Good Qualities

How to Get Good Qualities

Need for An Issue Statement Research documents or tasks are generally created and performed to sort out some problem. Whether your project relates to teachers or it is an interior company undertaking or employed for the claims of capital, the thesis’ best push is usually to cope with issue record. Conditions for a Problem Statement Many pupils and mentors that are instructional think that problem declaration isn’t only an inquiry. It will compound and general in its material. Basically, it is a plausible debate with basis, structure, appropriate string and element. So, it must be developed in ways that it further provides a cornerstone for that remaining suggestion. It must be much more conceptual and less difficult in its meaning.

Once they and specific checks have approved we feel protected to extend our trust.

Howto Work the Issue Statement of Your Dissertation Out? A predicament that’s a couple of facets is dealt with by an issue statement. It identifies the conversation among numerous causes. An issue solving technique provides an action or possibly a course of action that further offers an issue with the solution. It’s very important to possess some background information how and just why problem assertion of a thesis evolves and calculates, prior to going through any detail. Characteristics of a Problem Statement Remember every part of an article must perform to support your study. Your simple notion will be reinforced by encouraging your statements in a essay.

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Utilizing situation assertion being a device to carry hierarchical investigation method out, it’s vital that you bear in mind the features that are essential. Go on and possess a thorough glance before having a challenge assertion of one’s thesis. Put up between Elements that were Different Issue statement ought to be worked-out in a fashion that a relationship is established by it and create the existence of several factors. Form a Connection with all the Subject Your thesis’ topic may be cultural, academic or scientific. Long lasting you choose for the research, there has to be an obvious connection of dilemma to its matter. Warrant and Show Last however, not the smallest amount of; issue declaration should be produced in a way that it warrants utility, attention or the significance in using the particular issue. Obtain the Issue Statement to be Worked Out by a Format Always keep this reality in mind that the problem declaration is brief, clear and goal oriented. For instance we could compose “it may be noticed that the wonderful selection of versions are available for training directions at some risky, primary amount and some empirically produced.” This is termed theory proposal of your assertion.

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Go ahead and get yourself a quick guideline in this value. Connecting Task of the Situation Statement Next to the rule suggestion, speaking propositions are formulated. Within this process you challenge the theory record, caste worries or can oppose circumstances. Theoretical and expertise conflicts are produced through evidences that were contradictory. Such sorts of fights are developed for further analysis. Including the researcher forward, notwithstanding various types are effortlessly adding to coaching guidelines, the predominant among all remains display, address and talk. Proposition that is tentative Within this area numerous triggers are studied to help make the problem clearer. Additional specifics portrayed and are also reviewed plainly in a fashion. Like while speaking about the problem record associated with teaching instruction and technique; the analyst might record a variety of explanations for that inability of teachers out to include teaching methods that are numerous within their tasks that are skilled.

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This informative article essaycapital.net/assignment/ has been published by Nadia Ansari. To read more about difficulty having a statement of the thesis, a Writing is Written by visit.

List of Compare Essay Topics

List of Compare Essay Topics

For this function, many university students decide on to obtain custom essay online. There are many companies that may provide a prospect for students that are young to obtain custom article online. The difficulty nevertheless, could be the fact that most the businesses available are untrustworthy and not reliable. The businesses offer custom made essays that are unreliable in addition to quality. When searching for a company sort it’s consequently crucial for college learners to become really mindful that they’ll discover the web composition. There are qualities and several capabilities that organizations that are individualized should have so that they could possibly offer you quality that is reliable and top online documents. A few of the attributes is likely to be reviewed in the subsequent paragraphs quickly. 1st of, it may be recommended for small students to acquire the web article from the business that hires consultant dissertation authors.

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The writers should be hard functioning and focused on providing exceptional quality solutions. Additionally, the writers should be impressive to ensure that individuals can purchase plagiarism errors’ internet article that is certainly first and incredibly clear. An additional facet that pupils must have to consider when they demand to acquire the on the net essay although price is. A trustworthy and honest business need to supply affordable on-line answers being produced by article. As well as value, reliability should also be regarded. This suggests that a honest individuals must have the composition that is net from a corporation that provides genuine composition generating corporations. It’s also crucial the least expensive online baccalaureate marketing case study in the world to receive the web dissertation from a that employs each just one of instructions and what’s needed supplied by buyers and matches deadlines. Since the regulations and laws relevant to every fashion writers current at a team where a solitary can acquire the world wide web article need to be conversant with every one of the publishing variants as precisely. This can let customers to obtain the article that is online no make a difference the way with that they need to have the essay getting developed of making.

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Several of the frequent patterns used incorporate Vancouver, MLA, Chicago and Oxford, Turabian, APA and Harvard means with words. It is sensible for buyers to buy the online essay from a company that offers a various variety of essays. Some of the typical essay types that really wants to be current at a dependable custom dissertation writing business include argumentative essays, informative essays essays, contrast essays and college entrance essays. Every one of the documents must to become reputable together with high top quality. It’s likewise vital to choose the composition that is online from a company that draws customers of numerous runs that are instructional. This means that the business will need to have online documents for faculties, large faculties, universities, postgraduate school and even the doctorate amount of investigation. A corporation when a client should find the on the web composition need to have a professional group of editors.

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This group activities allon the internet documents to not create general which they don’t have any problems of vocabulary, punctuation or grammar. Customers ought to be supplied a way to get revision and boosting services. Our company is an crafting enterprise that’s truly the perfect location to acquire the on line dissertation.

Listing of Psychology Paper Topics

Listing of Psychology Paper Topics

By Vernon –> –> Creative Writing Tips Full a persona questionnaire for every single of one’s principal people if not supplementary people that play with an essential function inside your tale. In this manner you’ll recognize your character(s) prior to you start authoring them. Fill out as much information regarding them. Dont just remedy what you should require in your story. The objective listed here is to make the journey to recognize your character until he becomes a live person in your head. So lets start In several sentences write down a directory of the piece Characters personal details firstname Surname Age In a couple of phrases write down the characters backstory (somewhat about his history) The part of the character in your narrative What are characters ambitions? What’re characters motivations? What is the characters struggle? How will the type be stopped by the discord from achieving his purpose? What is he planning to do to defeat the clash?

It really is ” just right ” in size.

What troubles may appear throughout the history? How will those difficulties become worse? What’ll the type do to overcome these troubles? How will he resolve the discord? How can your characters background effect how he reacts in your account? What’s the connection with other figures, if any, inside your history? Real Points Top Vision coloring Hair colour Hair Hair duration Tone Shape of encounter physical stature Fat How can his term change when Hes having a cherished one Hes with somebody he dislikes Hes with his chef Hes having a friend Personality Type? (afraid, confident, inferior, dominant etc) Distinguishable traits?

You arrive at the occasion and introduce your friend (section 1).

Emotional scars? (Complexes etc) Ambitions? Feeling of humour? Anxieties? Overall temperament? How does his personality change when hes experiencing different thoughts? When he feels comfortable how can he work? When he feels not adequate how can he work?

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What signals does he utilize when he speaks and feels? How does he go? With confidence? Does he stoop or pace? What mannerisms does he have? (Does his forearms are folded by him? Does he flick his hair?) How can he chat? (Evidently, mumble, confidently, drawl etc.) Their speech? (Loaded, deafening, comfortable, etc) His language?

To begin with they should make a project survey format along with a dissertation statement.

(Relaxed, official, illiterate etc) exactly what does he consider when hes alone? Does he have any strategies he hasnt shared to everyone? His prejudices? Principal reasons? Values many? Wishes most? How can he address those around him? (kids, superiors, etc) Any habits or virtues?

Consider completing an initial draft like a placeholder and then want to return and amend later.6.

Dislikes Favourite color etc and likes Preferred audio? Preference in clothing? Does identity like something in particular? Does figure hate something particularly? Lifestyle Where does the smoothness live (nation, area)? Does persona live condominium, in a house like wherever he lives, etc Does identity? Does where he lives echo what type of individual he’s? Does he have a favorite bedroom? (or Perhaps A piece of furniture or other target etc) Does he possess a car?

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What kind? Does the person he is is reflected by the vehicle? Any hobbies? Particular routines (nice, slack etc) http://samedayessay.me/ Background Parents names Parents careers Illustrate relationship? Identify partnership with siblings What kind of youth did the type have? What kind of adolescence did the character have? What type of training did figure undergo?

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(Personal or public? Has this shaped who he’s?) The thing that was the best-degree accomplished in college? Citizenship Origin? In which nation does he presently live? Why does he reside there, if the place he lives in isn’t where he came to be? Characters current location Any buddies? Any predators? Has character been married before?

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Has the character been engaged before? Any youngsters? Most substantial experience? Any disappointments? What’s the characters target in lifestyle? Mindset towards the other gender? Mindset towards existence? Job What kind of occupation does figure currently have? п»ї

Find a path or open interface while in the method.

What type of jobs gets the persona had beforehand? Is character information in current employment? If-not, what will be their fantasy job? What do you experience for this personality? Respect Love Dislike Hate Like Pity Jealousy Anything you experience for this character, your sensations must be solid. Either create with this further if they are not or begin building another persona totally. Concerning The Creator Besides his appreciation for publishing, Nick Vernon operates a web-based reward website where you will find present info, posts and readers funny experiences. Visit This informative article was published on August 24, 2004

Centro SPRAR di Fossacesia (CH)

Centro SPRAR di Fossacesia (CH)

Synergasìa è impegnata in prima linea nel centro SPRAR (sistema protezione richiedenti asilo e rifugiati) del comune di Fossacesia (CH). Nello specifico, la cooperativa fornisce i servizi di mediazione linguistico-culturale con 3 mediatori fissi e altri a chiamata a seconda delle esigenze, di accoglienza materiale (distribuzione vitto e/o supervisione nella preparazione dei pasti, raccolta ed erogazione vestiario, ecc.), di organizzazione corsi di formazione e lingua italiana, di orientamento al territorio e inserimento sociale, di formazione e riqualificazione professionale dei 25 richiedenti asilo/rifugiati presenti. I servizi sono attivi dall’1/1/2014.
Commissioni per il diritto d’asilo

Commissioni per il diritto d’asilo

Synergasìa, in collaborazione con Cies Onlus (capofila), gestisce le attività di interpretariato in consecutiva e di traduzione a supporto della Commissione Nazionale (C.N.) e delle Commissioni Territoriali (CC. TT.) per il diritto d’asilo, preposte al riconoscimento della protezione internazionale. Il servizio è modulato in termini scalari, quantitativi e qualitativi, sia su base geografica che linguistica, tenuto conto della dislocazione delle attuali dieci Commissioni Territoriali (Torino, Milano, Gorizia, Roma, Caserta, Foggia, Bari, Crotone, Siracusa, Trapani) articolate al loro interno in una o più sezioni, operanti anche in sede decentrata, cui Synergasia assicura pari livello di servizio quali/quantitativo oltre alla copertura linguistica delle lingue e dialetti ufficiali nonché delle lingue e dialetti rari parlati nei Paesi di origine dai richiedenti asilo. Il contratto ha durata biennale ed è partito il 1° gennaio 2014
Azienda Sanitaria Locale AT di Asti

Azienda Sanitaria Locale AT di Asti

Synergasìa fornisce il servizio di mediazione linguistico – culturale ai cittadini stranieri per facilitarli nell’accesso ai servizi offerti dall’ASL AT di Asti. In particolare i mediatori prestano servizio presso i consultori familiari (accoglienza, colloqui, ascolto, decodifica domanda e funzione di presa in carico dell’utenza straniera, in particolare nel percorso di gravidanza, di interruzione della stessa, contraccezione ecc.) e presso lo Sportello Unico Socio Sanitario (SUSS) del P.O. C. Massaia di Asti (indirizzare e accompagnare nel percorso sanitario gli utenti stranieri, informare sui servizi erogati dall’ASL AT, supporto telefonico agli operatori sanitari, supporto alle prenotazioni, segnalazione problematiche in collaborazione con l’Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico.